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  • What is the concept behind the book?
    For years, I have perceived and used the connections between language and music to inform my own interpretation. I hear speech patterns in music and musical patterns in speech. Quite often, I think of a section of music as a paragraph, a phrase as a sentence, and individual notes as words in that context. I have found that to be a helpful analogy for students as well. This book is intended to provide, in direct proximity, words that can be used to inspire musical thought. The layout of the book and the nature of the poetry and music are designed to facilitate the direct correlation.
  • Can these studies be used in performance?
    While not the original intent, many of my own students have asked to perform the works on recitals or other programs. Their intent is to have the poetry read first, and then perform the etude.
  • Will these be available in bass clef or for other instruments?
    I am so glad you asked! Yes! The bass clef version is being worked on now and hopefully will be available for release soon.
  • For whom is the book intended? What age level?
    When I wrote the book, I was thinking of the advanced high school student working to develop refined musicianship. I was also thinking about the student early in their college career who is working to elevate their musicianship and add nuance to their playing. Ultimately, the studies are appropriate for anyone seeking to grow musically. The ranges are quite manageable and the focus is on sound and linear playing.
  • What are your shipping policies?
    The books ship anywhere in the US and will be shipped in a padded envelope to the address provided. Order that include multiple books for a trumpet studio or school are appreciated. Shipping will still be free!
  • What are your refund and return policies?
    Like all music books, returns are not really a thing. However, if your book arrives damaged, please let me know and I will work to remedy that immediately!
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